How do you create an account ?

At this moment you can’t create an account by yourself, but you can contact administrator give you an account.

How can I change my username ?

You can’t change your username. But you still can login with your email associate with your account.

How can I change my password?

You can’t change your password.

How do you reset your password ?

Contact your administrator to reset your password.

+20 1008994117

+20 1141146633   or  Telegram

How can I change my email ?

You can change your email from account page. You can login with your email as well as your username. When you get the account make sure you add your email ASAP.

How to know exam password ?

We will add exam password on Telegram and What’s app so make sure you are in the group.

Exam Closed! How I can open it again ?

Unfortunately you can NOT open the exam once its expired, So make sure you submit while it’s open.